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IRS Audits

Many books have been written about each of these subjects and this is not a substitute for them; or, more importantly, this is not a substitute for a consultation with an experienced tax attorney. This is an extremely brief overview of a few selected areas that is meant to provide some useful relevant information to you when you first receive that letter from the IRS or visit from IRS agents and you turn to the internet for some information before you make that first call to a tax attorney. I am a tax attorney and before I was a tax attorney I was a CPA. I began my tax experience in 1971 and now I lead our law firm that specializes in tax representation of businesses and individuals. For more detailed information about our law firm and about me please visit our web site at If you reading this, chances are you’re worried about your tax situation or worried that your in trouble, or maybe your already there, whatever you situation I want to help you, you can have a free attorney-client privileged consultation with me personally either in person or by telephone by calling 1-888-829-3325; copyright 2008.